Why Many People Find It Difficult To Do Their Job As a Competent Person - 10/22/2012

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Why Many People Find it Difficult to do Their Job as a Competent Person
If you've been reading along the past couple of weeks, we've been talking about the competent person. We started off with the definition of a competent person, and last week we discussed what the competent person job is.
Today, as promised, we're going to talk about why many people find it difficult to do their job as a competent person.
I hope you remember the two main responsibilities of a competent person, but if you don't, here they are again. A competent person must perform regular and frequent worksite inspections. If they find an employee violating company safety policies or OSHA regulations, they must take the necessary steps to eliminate the hazard and write the employee up.
Normally, I find that it is not that difficult to get a competent person to perform regular and frequent safety inspections. The problem begins when you tell them that they must write up an employee if you find them violating a company safety policy or OSHA regulation.
This week, I was at one of our contractors for a meeting with their project managers. The main focus of the meeting was to let the project managers know that they as competent person(s), need to make sure they are writing employees up when they have violated company safety policies and OSHA regulations at their jobsites.
When they were asked, "Does anyone here have a problem with writing up an employee if they catch them violating company safety policies or OSHA regulations?" Their response was . . . well there was no response. Not one person raised their hand and said they had a problem or not.
So what's the first reason competent persons don't do their job? No one wants to talk about it. It's like writing up an employee for a safety violation is unmentionable and if you don't talk about it, maybe it will go away.
There have been a few competent persons that have told me why they find it difficult to do their job and write up employees, their responses were:
1. I don't want to see someone lose their job over a safety issue
2. I don't agree with every OSHA regulation
3. We haven't had any serious accidents
4. I'm not their parent or babysitter
5. The people you are asking me to write up are my friends
6. I don't want to be the safety police
There you have it, seven of the most common reasons I've heard why competent persons don't do their job. Do any of these sound familiar? I'm sure some of them do if your company has implemented a safety program that includes enforcement of company safety policies and OSHA regulations.
So what do all of these reasons for a competent person not doing their job have in common? I'll let you know next week.
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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!
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