Watch Out For The Other Guy - 12/20/2010

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Monday, December 20, 2010
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Watch Out for the Other Guy
I was talking to a friend this past week whose business is in a complex where
renovations are taking place. Apparently, they have been experiencing some issues
with fumes in their office from products a painter is using in another area of the
It sounds like this has been an issue for awhile and could be easily eliminated with
proper ventilation, or maybe performing the work after business hours. It's difficult
to say whether the fumes pose a potential hazard without knowing the exact product
being used by the painter. But it does point out a safety issue that is rarely talked
about - you should watch out for the other guy.
Every day we go to work we are surrounded by other people who are doing the
same. They may be working directly with us or they may be performing other duties
unrelated to our work nearby, like the situation I described above.
Where ever we come in contact with people working, we may not even be aware that
we are being exposed to hazards. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we
have to look at everyone as a potential hazard. What I'm saying, is that it's not a
bad idea to be aware of what is going on around you during the work day.
If you feel you are being exposed to a hazard because of another person's actions,
you should bring it to his or her attention immediately. If it is not resolved, make
every effort to distance yourself from the potential hazard and notify others, like
your supervisor about the problem.
Taking responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others doesn't just include
monitoring our own activities. We also need to watch out for the other guy to
ensure workplace safety.
Thanks for reading and please - Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
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