That Was Close - 11/01/2010

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Monday, November 1, 2010
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That Was Close
Years ago I was performing safety training for one of our clients and while we were on the
subject of fall protection, one of the men began to tell about an incident that happened when he
was working on a pitched roof.
While standing at the top of the roof he slipped on a patch of ice and began to slide down the
roof. As he was sliding down the roof he was trying to grab for anything he could to stop the
fall, but . . . Let me stop there for a minute and tell you a little about the jobsite he was working
It was a cold frosty morning in late November in the northeastern part of the country. The
building had a 9X12 pitch roof and at the eve of the roof it was about a 25-30 feet drop to the
ground. The sun had not hit any portion of the roof so there were patches of frost and ice from
the night before and no one working on the roof was using a fall protection system.
Let's continue his story. As he was sliding down the roof he was trying to grab for anything he
could to stop the fall, but he just kept slipping. His mind was racing and he was thinking about
how he should try to land and just before going over the edge he caught a piece of loose plywood
and stopped his fall. That was close!
After finishing his story he informed us that no one in the company ever uses fall protection
because they are trained and have experience working on roofs safely without it.
What's wrong with this picture?
Even after this gentleman's near-miss experience it was clear he didn't have a clue how close he
came to being involved in a serious accident. He still believed their training and experience were
enough to protect them.
If you ever have a near-miss situation happen, I hope you will take the time to review how to
prevent a reoccurrence. If not, the next time you might not be able to say "That was close."
Thanks for reading and please - Be Safe This Week!
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