That Could Have Been Me - 11/14/2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011
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That Could Have Been Me
Through my years as a safety consultant, I have heard a lot of stories about accidents. But
one that stands out ended with one of the men on the jobsite losing his life.
Although this is a true story, I will not be using any real names. I'll just call the foreman
Jack and the two workers Larry and Bill.
It took place on a day before a holiday and everyone, including the foreman Jack, wanted to
get on the road as early as possible because home was in another state. They just had a
few things left to do and one of them happened to be rigging an item that had to be lowered
to the ground.
These men had worked together for some time and each of them was experienced at what
they did. As they were rigging the piece to lower it to the ground, Jack decided they would
rig it a little differently than normal because it would save time and get them on the road
Larry and Bill both disagreed with the procedure because it eliminated one of the safeguards
that would be in place if things didn't go just right. They had never done it like that. Jack
said he had done it this way before and had never had a problem, so they proceeded just
the way he said.
When it came time to lower the item, Larry and Bill were up above 200 feet and Jack was
below about half way down with a radio to let them know how it was going.
By now you're probably getting a good idea of what happened next. As the item was being
disconnected to lower, the load shifted and it caused the rigging to malfunction and the unit
let loose and plunged 200 feet to the ground. On its way down the load took Jack with
it. Everything happened so fast that all Larry and Bill could do is watch as it took place.
Needless to say no one went home early that holiday.
If you're like me, this story made you think about a time or two that you were in such a
hurry that you may have performed your work in an unsafe manner just to get done
quicker. And also like me, you might be thinking that could have been me.
If you've been following along with the changes that we are looking to make in January
2012, I wanted to let you know that we will be introducing two new online services: "The
OSHA Citation Prevention System (OCPS)" and "The Managed Safety System (MSS)."
I hope you'll continue reading to see how your company can benefit.
Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!
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