Sometimes We Take Things For Granted - 12/06/2010

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Monday, December 6, 2010
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Sometimes We Take Things For Granted
I have a friend that decided to go back to college a little later in life than most of us
would even consider. While we were talking on the phone one day she mentioned
that as part of a class assignment, she was going to spend a few hours in a wheel
chair shopping at the mall and write a paper about her experience.
A few weeks later I asked her how the wheel chair assignment had gone. She
described her experience in great detail, but I'll try to just hit on a few of the
She began by saying she never could have realized just how difficult it was going to
be getting around in a wheel chair, let alone going shopping. Getting though
doorways, down aisles, maneuvering around people - it was a nightmare! And trying
to do something as simple as using the restroom? That was next to impossible.
When the wheel chair portion of the assignment was over, she said she had never
been so happy to get out of the wheel chair and walk on her own two feet. It made
her realize that sometimes we take things for granted.
Often when we talk about safety, we talk about the the process of working safely and
spend little or no time talking about consequences if an accident were to
occur. When we consider the possibility of not being able to walk, see, hear, or tie
our own shoes, we may better understand the value of safe working processes.
Sometimes we take things for granted when we know we shouldn't.
Thanks for reading and please - Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
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