Let's Talk About "The Plan" - 09/26/2016

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Monday, September 26, 2016


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Let's Talk About "The Plan"


For the last few weeks we’ve being reviewing some ideas on how to take your safety program to the next level. In the process we’ve looked at a couple of companies that took 2 different approaches to implementing their programs. One was proactive and the other reactive, with each having very different results.

During our review of the 2 companies, we found that the company that took a proactive approach had the better outcome when it came to employee safety. So last week I listed the 3 main points I felt helped them make it happen. We discussed the first 2 points last week, so this week I’ll be discussing the third point: “The Plan”.

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Let’s talk about “The Plan”

The proactive contractor’s plan was simple – to find a safety program they felt they could use to guide them through the process of understanding the OSHA regulations that applied to their company, determine what steps they would need to take to implement their safety program, list those steps based on which would have the biggest to smallest impact on getting the program implemented, and then pick the top 2 or 3 steps and start putting them in place immediately.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. If this company is one that took a proactive approach to safety, wouldn’t they have implemented all of the steps at once?

What I found out from this owner was that although that process of implementing everything at once might work for another company, he understood that it wouldn’t work for them. He knew that they needed to pick a few things to concentrate on, get to the point where they were part of their everyday routine, and then move on to the next few steps. This allowed everyone in the company the time they needed to adapt to the changes while also building on each success in the process.

This process also allowed them to get started much quicker with implementing their program because they didn’t have to decide right away how they were going to implement each step, just the first few steps.

I can tell you that based on the information that was provided to me by the company while representing them with OSHA, they had pretty much perfected each step along the way because, had they not, we would have never been able to get their OSHA citations withdrawn.

Next week I’ll provide more detail regarding how “The Plan” was implemented. I think you’ll find that no matter where you are in the process of implementing your safety program, you could use this same plan to move the process along for your company.

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