It Was the Owners' Idea - 09/19/2016

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Monday, September 19, 2016


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It Was The Owners' Idea...


Last week I talked about 2 companies that handled employee safety in two different ways that resulted in two very different outcomes. One took a proactive approach while the other a reactive approach. Needless to say the company that took the proactive approach ended up with the best results.

You may have also noticed that the company that took the proactive approach and implemented their safety program had their OSHA citations withdrawn after they were given the opportunity to show OSHA what they had been doing while the other struggled to put it all together and continued to receive costly OSHA citations which costed them more each time.

Why was it so difficult for one company to implement their safety program while the other was not only able to implement their safety program, they were able to get OSHA citations withdrawn because of what they had done?

After representing the company that had the OSHA citations withdrawn, I asked them how they were able to implement their safety program and here are the 3 main points I got out of the conversation that I felt made it happen.

  1. It was the owners’ idea.
  2. They understood the value of implementing a company safety program.
  3. They had a plan.

So I’d like to take a look at the first 2 points today and I’ll leave number 3 for next week.

It was the owners’ idea.

How do I know it was the owners’ idea? He was the one I talked to first when he was looking for a safety program. This company had about 100 people working for them and this owner was a very hands-on person. Although he had other personnel managing and running projects, he liked to be involved in everything.

He explained that they had grown rather quickly and to date had never had a serious accident. It wasn’t until his conversation with another contractor who had a serious accident on their jobsite that he realized that he needed to do something about employee safety.

This other company was about the same size as his and, like his, had never had a serious accident up until that time. The other contractor explained how they always tried to do right thing, but apparently their luck had run out. It was at that point in the conversation that the owner realized that their luck might run out too if he didn’t do something about it. So he started looking at what he needed to do. That was when he first called us and we provided his safety program.

There is no question that when the idea comes from the top down, everything has a better chance of happening. I can tell you from experience the same is true for implementing a company safety program.

They understood the value of implementing a company safety program.

As the owner talked about what he wanted to do, he explained that he never wanted to be in the position that the other contractor was in. Having someone seriously injured was not something that he ever wanted to see happen, so he was going to do his best to prevent it.

He also went on to tell me that this other contractor was visited by OSHA because of the accident and he had a concern that it wasn’t going to end well. The company didn’t have a safety program in place and he didn’t know how to answer half of the questions that were being asked by the compliance officer.

I never did hear how the OSHA inspection came out, but based on what I heard I’m sure it didn’t end well.

I could go on, but I think you can see that this company (the owner) was given a good lesson in the value of implementing a company safety program.

Next week were going to talk about the 3rd point: “the plan” and I think you’ll be surprised to hear how simple but effective it was.

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