Remember, When You Provide Your Employees Training. . . - 12/26/2012

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Remember, when you provide your employees training . . .
Last week we discussed sources of safety information and methods of developing your company's policies and procedures which, in essence, is your written safety program.
This week I want to talk about communicating your safety policies and procedures contained in your safety program is, for all practical purposes, training. You must provide training for your employees.
Why is training [communicating] so important?
 It is required by OSHA. Failure to provide training will result in costly OSHA citations.
 You cannot expect your employees to work in an acceptably safe manner without training. Failure to work in a safe manner may result in potentially serious accidents and injuries and the loss of time, money, and, tragically, employees.
 Untrained employees reflect poorly on your reputation as an employer.
Who needs what type of training?
 Supervisors must be trained within their areas of responsibility. They must be able to recognize worksite hazards and understand how to correct them. They should be able to provide on the job training or, at a minimum, be able to correct unsafe worksite behaviors.
 This level of training generally allows the employer the ability to authorize these persons to stop work if an uncorrectable hazard exists as "competent persons".
 All other employees must be trained to perform their tasks in a safe manner. They should also be trained in reasonably foreseeable hazards that are common on your construction sites.
When do you train?
 You must insure that your employees are capable of working in a safe manner before they begin working. This not only protects the employee, it protects your company.
How do you train?
 You can provide employees with instructional information for them to read on safety such as your Employee Safety Handbook or Equipment Specific Operators Manual.
 Formal safety training can be provided in house by a qualified instructor, by an outside training instructor or through online safety training courses.
 Providing regular scheduled Safety Meetings on specific safety topics helps to ensure your employees are provided ongoing training.
Remember, when you provide your employees training always leave a paper trail.
From a 5-10 minute safety meeting to the most complex formal training available, as far as OSHA is concerned, without documentation of training, it is extremely difficult to demonstrate that the training actually occurred.
For your own protection, training documentation should include the signatures of the instructor and the employee, the subject, and the date.
From everyone at U.S. Compliance Systems, we want to wish you and your employees a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.
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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!
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