Online Safety Training System

Need to get your employees trained? Struggling to make it happen?

  • Where will you get your training material?
  • Who will prepare and conduct your training?
  • How will you schedule employees for classes?
  • How will you document and track your training?

With our Employer Controlled Online Safety Training System

  1. Training courses are prepared by a team of Safety Professionals.
  2. Training can be taken 24/7 on a computer, laptop or mobile device.
  3. Training is documented with a Quiz and Certificate.
  4. Management can monitor training from start to completion.

**Sign up Now and Enroll Employees in up to 5 Courses for Free!**


Online Safety Training FAQs

Sign up Now and Enroll Employees in up to 5 Courses for Free!

No Credit Card Necessary


Employer Controlled System

Allows you to quickly and easily schedule, track, and manage employee safety training.

Public Courses

Ready for immediate use - you can sign employees up for online safety training courses designed by our safety professionals.

Time Efficient

Employees can complete their online training during down-time or at their convenience 24/7

Cost Effective

Eliminates the high costs associated with classroom training

Credit System

The credit system gives you flexibility when planning your employee training. Credits can be used for ANY course after purchase. We offer volume discount pricing and credits never expire.

Individual Online Training

Eliminates the frustration of having to schedule employees safety training classes. Employees can take their training 24/7 when it is convenient for them and you.

Custom Courses

Make the Online Training Courses your own - custom built courses designed to include your Company's Name, Logo, and company specific safety requirements.

Group Online Training

Eliminates the need to create course content for classroom training. Course instructor can easily schedule a class, print out training materials, monitor and answer employee questions, and input employee test scores.

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