What's In It For Me - 10/30/2017

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Monday, October 30, 2017


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What's In It For Me

Last week we talked about how tough it is to get everyone on onboard when you want to implement your company safety program. Then we discussed how much more difficult it was to keep the process going – much like those New Year’s resolutions.

So what can we do to help ensure we keep the process moving forward? Turn workplace safety into a habit and to do that we’re going to talk about 4 steps you can use to help make workplace safety a habit for everyone in your company.

What are those 4 steps again? They are:

  • Get management and employees to buy into the process.
  • Get everyone engaged in the process.
  • Provide continued awareness of why the success of the program is important to everyone.
  • Don’t let little setbacks get in the way of obtaining your goal.

Today we’re going to talk about the first step - Getting management and employees to buy into the process.

I like to refer to this as “What’s in it for me.”

Here’s a three-steptechnique that will help improve buy-in by both management and employees.

1. Context - Summarize the situation.
2. Framing - Establish a framework to help everyone understand the topic.
3. Content - Connecting the dots.

Rather than just telling everyone that you are going to implement your company safety program you need to let them know why you are doing it.

The context could be something like, “Our accident rate is so high that our workers’ compensation rates and accident history is preventing us from getting new work.”

The framing could be something like,”It comes down to being competitive and our high workers’ compensation rates are driving our costs up so high that we can’t compete. Even if we are in the running, our accident history is causing potential clients to question whether they want us doing their work.”

And last, but not least, content could be something like this, “By implementing a safety program that is designed to reduce workplace accidents, we will be more competitive during the bidding process and be seen by potential clients as the professional company we are. An effective safety program will ensure the continuation of our bonus program for management and a steady flow of work for our employees.”

The great thing about using this 3 step technique is that it gives everyone an understanding of what’s in it for me. It’s clear that if you continue doing things the same way, people might lose jobs or bonuses – but if a safety program is implemented that reduces workplace accidents, jobs are much more secure and expected bonuses will continue.

Next week we’ll talk about step 2 - getting everyone engaged in the process.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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