What a Difference a Minute Makes - 10/29/2018

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Monday, October 29, 2018


What a Difference a Minute Makes

It’s Friday and you’re just minutes from getting the weekend started.

Then it happens.

You’re on an extension ladder about 15’ high and you decide it’s going to take too much time (at least a minute) to climb down and move the ladder over another 6 inches to allow you to finish for the day. So you do something that you’ve done before - you hop the ladder a little to the right.

But this time it doesn’t quite work the way it has in the past.

You’re falling.

It’s been a great week on the job; everything has run smoothly.There are only a few minutes left in the work week and just when you thought you didn’t have anything to worry about, you hear someone yelling, “Call 911!”

You run out of your office trailer to see a ladder on the ground with someone lying beside it. Immediately you feel your gut start to churn, your palms start to sweat, and you go weak at the knees.

The weekend is almost here and a few of you are getting together to start the weekend off and then you look over and see a ladder pulling away from the wall and someone falling.

You’re turning the lights out at the office with another week behind you and just as you’re ready to walk out the door your cell phone goes off.It’s one of your projects calling, so you answer the phone to hear there’s been an accident at the site.You turn and walk back into the office, sit down in your chair, take a deep breath and ask how bad it is.

It’s been a busy week and you’re on your way to pick up your children from daycare.You’ve got big plans for the weekend that include a birthday party for your daughter and a day trip to see the grandparents. Then your phone rings and you hear you need to get to the hospital.

What a difference a minute makes.

In that minute you could have climbed down that ladder, moved it over and been back up finishing your job.Everyone would have been on their way to a great weekend, but you chose to hop the ladder just a little to the right.

Take a minute this week to help ensure you and others are able to enjoy your time away from work.

Most of the time when we think about workplace safety, we only think about the employees and the effect it has on them.But when you really stop and think about it, workplace safety has an effect on everyone.

Now, that effect can be positive or negative, but either way it reaches farther than you might imagine.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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