Much More Than Just Meeting OSHA Requirements - 10/28/2013

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Monday, October 28, 2013


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Much More Than Just Meeting OSHA Requirements


When it comes to developing, implementing and maintaining a company safety program you would think that, with all of the information available on the Internet, support available through safety consultants and associations, and all the safety training available both online and off, it would be pretty easy.

Think about it. We have more information about workplace safety available to us today than ever before and most of it right at our fingertips. Yes, I'm talking about your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and even your cell phone.

But even with all of that information readily available, developing, implementing and maintaining a company safety program that meets today's tougher and more demanding safety requirements is more difficult than ever. Or at least that is what I'm being told week in and out by clients and those who are looking at our services.

Here is a recap of how the phone calls have evolved.

It used to be that when I would take a call from a potential client they would say, "I've been in business for 20+ years and this is the first time anyone has asked me to show them my safety program."

Then it went to "I have a safety program I've been using for a few years that I put together with pieces from other companies' programs, but now I'm being told I need something more specific to my industry or trade."

And now I hear:

  • "We're being asked to complete bidder qualification forms that include specific safety questions and requirements"
  • "We're being asked to provide a site-specific safety program"
  • "We're being asked to provide completed JHAs (or JTHA's, or JSA's) for the work we are performing"
  • "We're being asked to provide a safety program that will meet specific third party requirements, such as ISNetworld, PICS, PECS or Browz"

Today this list could go on and on, but I'm guessing you get the picture.

Workplace safety is evolving into much more than just meeting OSHA requirements. Now it involves meeting all of those extra requirements.

So what do you do?

The first thing I believe you should do is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself these 2 questions.

First, is what you are currently doing meeting OSHA requirements, at a minimum? If so, move onto the second question. If not or you're not sure you are meeting OSHA requirements, checkout our free report "How to Prevent Costly OSHA Citations." It might get you started in the right direction. If you happen to be a current or past online client, you can also log into your account at and click on the "Resources" tab to access a copy.

Second, is what you're currently doing meeting your clients' additional safety requirements? If not, you should determine if not meeting these additional safety requirements will have a negative effect on your business. If you find that not complying with these additional requirements will cause a negative effect, then you'll need to see what it will take to get and keep your company in compliance using the safety program you already have as a foundation.

To help you get on the right track in meeting these tougher and more difficult safety requirements, don't forget to take advantage of all those free Internet resources (including those on our website) that are available today.

If you still find that you're not sure where to start when trying to comply with OSHA or those additional safety requirements your clients are pushing on you, give us a call toll free at 888-475-5353 and we'll provide a free consultation to help you get started.

Don't forget to check out our current blog posting, "Who In Your Company Is Involved" and give us your thoughts and input.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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