Working Safely Is Not Just About You - 10/27/2014

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Monday, Oct 27, 2014


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Working Safely Is Not Just About You


Last week I was talking with an employer about a recent accident at one of their jobsites. As listened, I began to review in my mind exactly how the accident took place and what they could do to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.

As the discussion continued, it became apparent that one of the reasons the incident occurred was because an employee that had created a potential fall hazard had not established a controlled access zone. That's when I was reminded of a Safety E-QuickTip I had written a couple years back called, "Working Safely Is Not Just About You."

In that Safety E-QuickTip, I talked about how others around you are effected if you are injured on the job, and how it can have a negative effect on your family, your friends and those that you work with. This week I'm looking at "working safely is not just about you" a little differently.

Before I continue, let me pick up where I left off with my story...

As the employer continued his review, I found that the employee that was injured was not the individual that had created the hazard. It was another employee that had walked into the immediate work area. Now maybe you have a good idea where I'm going with today's Safety E-QuickTip.

Everyday employees are injured because of hazards created by other employees. It can be something simple such as a tripping hazard created by another employee that does not keep their work area clean, to something a little more complex such as an exposure to a health hazard because someone does not make sure everyone is aware of a potential chemical hazard. Whatever the case, the hazard has been created by someone other than the individual that is actually injured.

Take a moment and think about this. How would you feel if someone other than yourself was injured because of a hazard that you created? I'm guessing you wouldn't feel very good about it.

REMEMBER, the next time you create a potential hazard in the workplace, make sure those working around you are aware of and protected from that hazard because...working safely is not just about you!

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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