Why Do We Have to Make It So Difficult? - 10/15/2018

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Monday, October 15, 2018


Why Do We Have to Make It So Difficult?

Well it happened again, only this time the client was looking for answers.

As you may recall if you read last week’s Safety E-QuickTip, we had a client that felt that our silica exposure control plan was too simple to meet OSHA’s requirements.

This past week one of our clients had a similar experience with one of their customers.

Let me explain.

This client sent us an email last week with a couple attachments.

The first attachment was a completed Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) that they had created.The second was an AHA template with similar information that our client’s customer had provided after receiving the completed AHA.

The email explained that after our client had forwarded the completed AHA to their customer, they received an email back asking them to take the information on the AHA and place it on the attached form and forward it back for review.

While looking at both forms, we could see the two forms were similar in the information requested, yet were in two different formats. What we didn’t see was any reason our client’s customer couldn’t have reviewed the completed AHA as it was and let our client know if they felt the information was complete.It probably could have been done in the same amount of time it took to prepare and send their email with their own AHA template.

Why do we have to make it so difficult?

Both forms reviewed the work that was being performed, the hazards associated with performing the work and how our client would protect their employees from those hazards.

Both forms did exactly the same job, yet our client’s customer felt the information on the completed AHA needed to be copied onto their form before it would be reviewed.

As I mentioned last week, isn’t safety compliance about protecting employees from hazards in the workplace?

If that is the case, wouldn’t everyone’s time, including the reviewers, be better spent looking at the information contained on the original completed AHA to make sure it addressed all the hazards the employees could be exposed to rather than making sure it is on a specific form?

Sorry about going off on a bit of a rant this week, but I believe that for workplace safety to be a reality we need to make it more about preventing workplace accidents and less about what form is being filled out.

If you feel the same or even if you feel different, please send me an email at keith@uscompliancesystems.com.

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