So Let's Talk About Part 1 of the Plan - 10/03/2016

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Monday, October 3, 2016


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So Let's Talk About Part 1 of the Plan


Well, we are on week 5 of reviewing how to take your safety program to the next level. We’ve covered a lot in the last 4 weeks, so if you’ve missed anything along the way since September 6th check our Safety E-QuickTips Archive Page.

Last week we talked about “The Plan” and here are the 5 parts of the plan that I believe could work for any company, including yours:

  1. Find a safety program you believe you could use to guide you through the process of understanding the OSHA regulations that apply to your company.
  2. Determine what steps you would need to take to implement your safety program.
  3. List those steps based on which would have the biggest to smallest impact on getting the program implemented.
  4. Pick the top 2 or 3 steps and start putting them in place immediately.
  5. And last, but not least, work on each step until it becomes a part of everyone’s (and I mean everyone’s) workday before proceeding onto the next step.

Now that you’ve looked over the five parts of the plan, you may be saying to yourself “I already have a safety program that applies to my company, so I can skip step one” or “I’ve already done parts 1 through 3” and if that’s the case, that is a good thing because that means you are a little closer to taking your safety program to the next level. That is what I like so much about this plan; it’s designed to take you to the next level no matter where you are in the process.

So let’s talk about Part 1 of the Plan.

How do you put together a safety program or find one that that will work for your company?

Over the years I’ve talked to thousands of people looking to implement a company safety program and they seem to fall into 1 of 3 categories. Let’s take a look at each one.

The first is the person who really needs to dig in and get their hands dirty.

This is someone that needs to be hands on from start to finish in the development of their safety program. The process rarely includes outside help from someone like a safety professional and it almost always means they will be starting from scratch. When I say almost always, there may be a few that will consider looking at a safety program that has been developed by someone else, but then they will take the time to tweak each item in the program to meet what they see as their specific needs.

For these people I usually recommend going to OSHA’s website:, looking up safety information online and even read some books on safety in the workplace to get a better understanding of the regulations that apply to their industry and then start writing.

Although the process might take you a little longer than others, this is about the only way this type of person will feel comfortable with what they have in the end, making it more likely that they will move onto the next part of the process.

Next is the person that will needs to be walked through the process from start to finish.

When I say needs to be walked through the process, I am talking about someone that truly does not feel comfortable in deciding what they need to include in their safety program and understands that to make the process work for their company, they need someone guiding them at each step along the way. This type of person will almost always need to contact someone that will meet with them face to face.

When I receive a call from this type person, my first recommendation is to have them call a local safety consultant for help. Although the costs will most likely be higher with this approach, it is still the direction they will need to go to move through the process.

Last but not least is the person who doesn’t have the time develop their program nor the understanding of what they need to get started and they need it now.

For people like this it’s pretty easy to see that the first two approaches aren’t going to work for them, so I usually recommend that they go another direction.

To develop their program I would recommend that they go online and search on Google or Bing and type in key words like “company safety program,” “safety program for insert industry” or any other safety related key words. This will allow them to quickly come up with a list of companies they can check out online and decide which one best fits their company’s specific needs.

To wrap this up for the week I’d like to end with this.

Make sure that whatever process you go with in developing your safety program it is one that you feel comfortable with and works for you. If you do that you have the best chance of moving onto the next part of the process.

Next week we’ll talk about some of the steps you can take to implement your safety program and how to determine which will have the biggest impact on getting the program implemented.

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