When Things Slow Down a Little - 11/29/2021

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Monday Nov 29, 2021


When Things Slow Down a Little

Things are beginning to slow down a little as we move into the holiday season.

So, why don’t you put that time to work for you and your employees?

One way to do that is by making sure your employees are up to date on their safety training because when things start to pick up again, and they will, no one will have the time.

Safety training plays an important part in helping to ensure a safe worksite free of recognizable hazards. With the current worker shortage, you need to do everything you can to keep your employees safe and working.

But to make sure you get the most out of your safety training, make sure the training is related to the work they perform.

For example, consider Confined Space Entry Training. This training is important if your employees are going to be working in confined spaces, but if they never work in them, training is a waste of time. If you think they could be exposed to a confined space on the job, you might consider a shorter awareness training course just in case.

And don’t forget to make sure the training is based on your industry because some requirements are different.

Contractors will need to make sure the training meets OSHA’s 1926 Construction requirements and Industry/Manufacturing will need to meet OSHA’s 1910 Industry and Manufacturing requirements.

Contractors - don’t let anyone tell you that your employees need to be trained in OSHA’s 1910 standards because you are working in an industry or manufacturing facility. OSHA requirements don’t work that way.

This also applies if your employees are taking OSHA 10- or 30-hour Outreach Training because there is one specifically for construction and one for industry/manufacturing.

When considering how you will provide training there are more options than ever for in person and online training. Choose the option that works best for you, including a little of both.

Remember, when things are a little slower, take advantage of the time by providing that much needed safety training to your employees, because anything other than a few safety meetings will be next to impossible once you are busy.

Employee QuickTip

Let’s face it, safety training is not exciting stuff. Who in their right mind would want to sit through classroom or online safety training?

Not Me!

But if you’re thinking that, remember this. Safety training provides you that continued awareness of how to protect yourself from workplace hazards and possibly a serious accident. Something that we can all use, making the training all worthwhile.

Employer/Management QuickTip

You know how difficult it is to provide any form of structed safety training when things get busy, so always look for opportunities during those slower times to provide that much needed employee safety training. If the holidays happen to be one of your slow times, don’t let it slip away.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Stay Healthy and Work Safe.

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