So, What Went Wrong? - 11/25/2019

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Monday, November 25, 2019


So, what went wrong?

I’ve been doing some demo work at my home, leaving me with a large amount of scrap building material. So, I ordered a 20-yard dumpster.

When the driver arrived, I showed him where I wanted him to place the dumpster.He had to back under a telephone line running to my home. I assured him the truck would clear the line since I had a larger and higher 40-yard dumpster delivered by their company a couple of years ago.

Our only concern would be when he had to tilt the box up to roll it off into place, but that wouldn’t be an issue if we positioned his truck in the right location.

So, he backed his truck into my driveway, raised the box about 3 feet in the air to slide it off, and then stopped to make sure he would clear the line.

Everything looked good, so he continued to raise the front of the dumpster.In a split second, the dumpster slid off the truck, slamming onto the concrete.I felt the concrete vibrate under my feet. In fact, the dumpster hit so hard that it vibrated the house, causing my daughter to come out to see if everything was OK.

As the driver got out of his truck, he looked over at me and said in his 20 years of loading and unloading dumpsters, he had never had one come off like that.I told him in all my years in construction and safety, I had never seen anything like it myself.

I forgot to mention that when he went to raise the front of the dumpster to roll it off, I was about 10’ from the driver’s side of the truck - nowhere near I could be struck by the dumpster.

As we looked at the dumpster and the hook that held it in place as it was raised and lowered off the truck, we found both were in perfect condition.So, what went wrong?

After spending about 5 minutes looking at the dumpster, the truck and the hydraulic system, we never figured that out.

But what I can tell you is that if someone would have been standing within 20 to 25 feet behind that dumpster at the time it was being rolled off, they would have been seriously injured, if not worse.

In the workplace, sometimes even with the best laid plans things go wrong.We always have to be aware of that.

Make it a habit today and in the days to come to know what’s going on around your workplace.Always be on the lookout for things to go wrong.

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