It's Not My Job! - 11/23/2020

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Monday November 23, 2020


It's Not My Job!

When it comes to workplace safety – whose job is it anyway? It’s probably the Safety Director’s job or maybe the safety consultant we just hired. Could be upper management’s job?

Maybe it’s the superintendent’s or floor manager’s job. I’ve got it, it’s the employees’ job, right? But l can tell you this – it’s not my job!

The fact is, workplace safety is everyone’s job. Why is that? It’s simple. If everyone in a company isn’t onboard with workplace safety, eventually everyone will pay, one way or another.

You see, the Safety Director’s or safety consultant’s job is to develop the company’s safety policies and procedures, then help implement and manage them. Upper management’s job is to support the safety policies and procedures to ensure everyone is onboard. The superintendent’s and floor manager’s jobs are to ensure everyone is following the company’s safety policies and procedures.

The employees’ job is to follow the company’s safety policies and procedures. And finally, it’s everyone’s job to work together helping to make sure their workplace is free of recognizable hazards and that everyone goes home in the same condition they came to work.

You see, workplace safety is everyone’s job. Do your part to help make it a reality.

And for you smaller companies that may not have the luxury of having a safety director, safety consultant, superintendent or floor manager to help with the process, I understand it won’t be easy to do it all yourself. So let your employees share the responsibility and you might find the process just a little easier.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy and Work Safe Throughout this Holiday Season!

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