Things Might Just Get a Little Crazy - 11/22/2021

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Monday Nov 22, 2021


Things Might Just Get a Little Crazy

Every year around this time I try to write something about holiday distractions and your safety.I‘m going to do it again this year.

Why is that?

Because this time of year we are always more distracted and stressed.

Then add in having to deal with COVID, and it might just be a more stressful year than ever.

So, this year I thought I might list a few of those stress points and distractions, as well as some thoughts on how to deal with them in hopes that you are able to enjoy the holidays.

  • ·Traveling – Expect delays on the road and in the air this holiday season. Since you know there’s a good chance delays will happen, plan your trip with plenty of time to get where you need to be and spend less time complaining and more time enjoying the experience.
  • ·Family – I always say, “I love to see them, and I love to see them go.”Let’s face it if it weren’t for family who would put up with us. That’s right, even you will probably have a few issues you will bring to the holiday family get-together this year. Maybe we should just be thankful that our family continues to invite us back or is willing to accept our invitation every year.
  • ·Shopping – I’ve heard that it might be a little more difficult to find that special gift this year with the current supply shortage. So, get out to the stores or online early this year and remember, no gift is worth fighting for in a store or losing a good night’s sleep.
  • ·Holiday Parties – You know that person who has a little too much to drink? Don’t let them drink and drive.
  • ·Weather/Daylight – The days are shorter and for much of our country the weather often sucks this time of year. Put those two conditions together with everything going on during the holidays and you’ve got added stress and distractions.They say it’s a good idea to get out and be around people during the winter months, but just make sure you’re prepared for the drive.And if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, remember when you are dealing with icy roads you have the same 4 rubber tires as those 2-wheel drive vehicles.
  • ·Covid 19 – Looks like this distraction is going to be with us even after the holidays.All I can say is, “This too shall pass.”

With all the additional stress and distractions the holidays might bring, don’t forget to slow things down a bit and focus on spending time with the ones you love.

Employee QuickTip

I hope you enjoy this holiday season, but please try your best not to bring those holiday distractions and stress to work with you.You don’t want to add dealing with a workplace accident to the list of things to deal with this year.

Employer/Management QuickTip

If you show your employees that their safety is important to you your employees will respond accordingly. Make this a safe holiday season for you and your employees.

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