There Is No Question - Everyone Loses When It Comes To Workplace Accidents - 11/16/2020

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Monday November 16, 2020


There Is No Question - Everyone Loses When It Comes To Workplace Accidents

Someone always pays when it comes to a workplace accident.

If it is a scratch or a minor cut, the employee pays with pain.

If the accident is more serious and the employee needs additional medical treatment, once again the employee pays with pain and possibly unpaid time off from work.The employer pays by being shorthanded and, in construction, possibly with a stop work order while the accident is investigated and the hazards are eliminated.

If equipment or property is damaged as a result of the accident, employers will pay with the added cost of repairs and/or insurance premium increases.

When an accident is even more serious and ends with an employee being disabled or losing their life, the ultimate price is paid by the employee leaving families, coworkers and employers devastated by the situation.

Throughout my career as a safety consultant, I have heard countless stories of how workplace accidents have torn families apart, closed businesses and even brought an owner to take his own life.I’ve also talked to employees who could not return to their current line of work because they experienced a friend lose their life on the job.

There is no question - everyone loses when it comes to workplace accidents.

Please do your part this week and in the weeks to come to help ensure no one has to pay the price of a workplace accident.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy and Work Safe Throughout this Holiday Season!

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