Because Sometimes Safety Is About Making Good Choices - 11/11/2019

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Monday, November 11, 2019


Because Sometimes Safety Is About Making Good Choices

I was driving down the street last week and, lo and behold, I saw 2 men working on what looked to be about a 5/12 pitch metal roof, 30 plus feet above the ground.There were tie off ropes in place, but neither of them was tied off. In fact, they didn’t even have their harnesses on, so there was no way they could tie off even if they wanted.

Then I saw 2 men working in an aerial lift about 15’ off the ground - again not tied off and no harnesses.

This made me think about a Safety E-QuickTip from a couple of years ago about making good choices when it comes to workplace safety.

Because sometimes safety is about making good choices.

So, here’s a blast from the past.

This week, instead of looking at the consequences of poor choices, let's look at how good choices can help ensure employees go home at the end of the day in the same physical condition they came to work at the beginning of the day.

Let's take the employee first. You're grinding off a section of metal with a hand grinder and today you decide to wear proper eye protection even though you find it a little uncomfortable. Although you have performed this same procedure for years with no problem, today a piece of metal flies back and strikes directly in the center of the lens of your eye glasses. Another eye saved.

How about the friend? You see your friend working on an extension ladder or a step ladder that is too short for the job, so what they are doing is standing on the top rung of the extension ladder or standing on "This is Not a Step" on the step ladder. Even though you know it's not your job to handle safety, you decide to let them know that they need to get a ladder that is tall enough for them to get the job done in a safe manner. They get down and get the right size ladder for the job. Another potential ladder accident avoided.

That brings us to the Safety Director. As the company Safety Director, you know it's your job to inspect the workplace for hazards and to make sure that everyone works in a safe manner. While reviewing the workplace for hazards you find an employee you have known for years working with a piece of equipment without the proper guard in place. Realizing the potential negative consequences of their actions, you write up the employee for a violation of the company's safety policy, even when you know they may not agree with what you are doing.

Weeks later you're inspecting the workplace and you find the employee working with the same piece of equipment, but this time using it with the guard in place. Sometimes we all need to know someone is checking up on us.

Let's talk about management personnel. Today you're responsible for doing a workplace safety inspection and while performing your inspection you find a damaged metal electrical outlet box. You let someone know it needs to be fixed immediately or shut off at the breaker. Later you are told that the positive wire in the box had broken loose when it was damaged and was touching the metal box. Another electrical hazard eliminated.

Finally, we have the owner or president of a company. As I’ve mentioned before, whatever they feel is important is what everyone in the company feels is important. Today you go to the workplace and, realizing there is the potential of being struck by something from overhead, you decide to wear your hard hat even though it does not really look good on you. One of the workers sees you with your hardhat on and then puts theirs on, too.

As you can see from this week's Safety E-QuickTip, there are definite benefits to making good choices when it comes to workplace safety. Make the choice this week to share with others in your company the value of working safely and ask others to do the same.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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