Make a Poor Choice... - 11/09/2020

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Monday November 9, 2020


Make a Poor Choice...

It’s a fact – the choices we make today will affect our future.

Make a poor choice, life’s not so good. Make a good choice, life is good.

We learn this fact very early in life.

When we were children and began crawling and then walking, we learned early on that when we decided to get into things we shouldn’t, things didn’t work out well for us.

It might have ended with us getting yelled at by Mom or Dad or worse. If we decided to climb on something that was a bit unstable, we might have fallen. When we decided to touch the hot oven, we got burned.

But when we listened and made good choices, life was good. No yelling and no pain and suffering.

Most, if not all, of us when we were young continued to make poor choices when it came to listening to Mom or Dad because that was our job and we continued to pay the price.

You would think that the lessons we learn when we are young, especially those that end in real pain and suffering, would cause us to make better choices later in life.

But, for some that is not the case and we find that to be true when it comes to workplace safety.We continue to see employees making unsafe choices in the workplace. Choices that lead to serious accidents.

Why is that?

Some might say it’s human nature, but I can honestly say, I don’t know the answer.

But I do know this.

If everyone would make good choices when it comes to workplace safety, we could reduce accidents and serious injuries in the workplace.

And that would be a good thing.

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