Many Employers Believe They Have To Spend Their Time Trying to "Reinvent The Whe - 11/03/2014

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Monday, Nov 03, 2014


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Many Employers Believe They Have To Spend Their Time Trying to "Reinvent The Wheel..."


Every week we hear from employers who are struggling with the process of putting together their company safety program. They don't know where to start, what to include, what specific regulations their company needs to comply with, and the list goes on and on.

Some have told us that they have been trying to develop their company safety program internally for months or even years, but have failed to come up with a program that they could implement. They then find their company losing bidding opportunities, paying costly OSHA penalties, and often with high employee accident rates.

So my question today is, why is it that many employers believe they have to spend their time trying to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to developing their company safety program when their time could be better spent implementing their program?

Is it because they believe their company is so unique that no one else would understand what would need to be included in their safety program? Or maybe it's because of a reason I heard just this past week?

A gentleman explained that his company had been working for a client for more than 20 years. About six months ago they were told if they wanted to continue to work for this client, they would have to sign up with a third party company and meet specific requirements. You may have heard of these third party companies, like ISNetworld®, PICS and Browz.

He went on to say that they had signed up with the third party company and immediately started working on completing the process. However, they had been struggling to develop a safety program internally that would meet their client's specific program requirements the last few months. He said they were in a position that if they didn't pass soon, they were going to lose their contract.

With time running out, he just happened to be talking with another contractor who told him to give us a call so we would be able to get his safety program to pass with little effort on his part.

As I explained how we could help get him qualified in the next few days, he said, "I feel like I'm cheating a little here by asking an outside company to help us with the development of our program because shouldn't we be doing this ourselves?"

My answer to him was simple. Why should a company that provides a service, other than safety consulting, believe they should have to develop their own safety program when there are safety professionals who can not only do this for them, but probably can do it better?

With all of the current resources available such as local safety consultants, online safety programs and consulting, or even free generic programs on the web, there is no reason a company needs to spend their time developing a program.

Where are you with your company safety program? Are you spending your valuable time trying to develop your program or are you getting your effort where it will do more good by implementing it?

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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