If You Just Look Around It's Easy To See... - 05/23/2016

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Monday, May 23, 2016


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If You Just Look Around It's Easy To See...


Today in our personal lives and in the workplace we have more automatic safety devises in place that protect us from hazards than ever.

We have GFCIís that protect us from electrical shock, automatic shutoffs when we let go of a handle on items such as mowers, power tools such as air nailers that require you to depress the safety on an object and pull the trigger at the same time before the nail can be driven into the object.

And how about the newer cars that can sense traffic slowing down in front of you and will automatically cause the car to decelerate even if you donít see it.

Automatic safety devices are all around us protecting us from hazards in very part of our lives.

Why is it that every day we see more and more automatic safety devices?

Could it be because when itís left up to us we just donít make the effort necessary to protect ourselves.

Think about it.

How many people do you still see driving without wearing their safety belt even though in most if not all states itís the law or someone driving down the road texting and paying attention to more about what is going on with their phone and less about whatís going on in front of them.

Or how about the employees at a construction site that are provided fall protection equipment but they donít wear it or the employee thatís working in a trench without proper trench protection when there is a trench box setting less than 20í from the trench. And last but not least the one working in an area where something can fall from above and they are not wearing their hard hat.

If you just look around itís easy to see that when safety if left up to our own judgment sometimes we donít make the best decisions and those decisions can come back to haunt us.

So I think youíre going to continue to see more and more automatic safety devises put into place and that is probably a good thing.

But please donít ever think that if there isnít an atomic devise in place that will protect you from a hazard that itís not important that you do your part to protect yourself, because it could be the biggest mistake youíve ever made. 

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