When Everyone Makes Good Choices, We All Win - 05/04/2020

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Monday, May 4, 2020


When Everyone Makes Good Choices, We All Win

We all make choices every day.

Choices like what we will eat today, what we will wear, what we will do or where we will go.

In fact, when you think about it, everything we do in a day requires us to make a choice.

Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes not, but whatever choices we make – we must live with the results.

Think about it.A little choice like not eating right doesn’t sound so bad, but when you put it together with not eating right day after day, it can lead to being overweight. When we put off doing something that needs to be done until the last minute, we put unbelievable pressure on ourselves and in the end, it might or might not get done.

When it comes to workplace safety, every choice we make has consequences.Some good and some bad.

The sad thing is the good ones often go unnoticed.

Why is that? Because no one goes to work with the belief they are going to be injured. So those good choices that lead to a safe worksite, like protecting ourselves from hazards in the workplace by wearing proper PPE, making sure safety guards are in place and using a ladder correctly, go unnoticed.

Bad choices can also go unnoticed until one ultimately leads to an injury.Then it’s clear that the bad choice was not such a good idea.

Good choices and a safe worksite go together. When everyone makes good choices, we all win.

When it comes to workplace safety today, will you make good choices and protect yourself and others from accidents in the workplace? Or will you make bad ones?

It’s up to you, but I hope for your sake and the sake of others you will only make good choices.

And please, during this time when we are struggling with the COVID-19 virus, please do your part and practice social distancing, wash your hands on a regular basis and wear appropriate PPE when necessary.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy, Stay at Home When You Can, and/or Work Safe This Week

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