But What About Workplace Safety? - 06/22/2020

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Monday, June 22, 2020


But What About Workplace Safety?

The COVID-19 virus has gotten everyone to think about their well-being – at least when it comes to the virus.

This pandemic has created a whole new normal, not for just the U.S., but for the whole world. The world economy has lost trillions of dollars and as a result, countless businesses have been brought to their knees.

It has kept us home for months on end and now that things are beginning to open again, we find ourselves wearing masks and practicing social distancing when we are out in public to protect our families and friends.

But this pandemic, like others that have come into our lives before, will be remembered as a time in history that the world came to a halt. But it too shall pass.

Medical experts around the world will come up with a vaccine that will bring the health effects under control and we will again be able to go about our lives.

But what about workplace safety?

These hazards have been around forever injuring and killing employees day in and day out. What are we doing to help bring those to an end?

In 2018 there were about 2.8 workplace injuries and illnesses reported for every 100 full-time employees. We also averaged around 14 fatalities a day or 100 per week.

Although our numbers have gone down over the years, we could still do better.

Just like a pandemic, we all must work together to make workplace safety a reality. We can no longer accept beliefs like, “I’ve done it for the past 20 years and nothing has happened to me yet,” or “I don’t need to use personal protective equipment because I can take care of myself.”

As you start your work week, think of workplace hazards as an ongoing pandemic where everyone is responsible for coming up with a vaccine. That vaccine is everyone working together every minute, hour and day to make workplace safety a reality.

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