Working Together We Can Make It Happen - 06/08/2020

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Monday, June 8, 2020


Working Together We Can Make It Happen

If the COVID-19 virus has taught us anything it is that when we work together, we have the ability to protect one another from a hazard.

A pandemic that was spreading like wildfire in areas where large groups of people were gathered together has been controlled for the most part and the curve, as they call it, has been flattened.

Some might say we overreacted, but I imagine those who have gone through the pain and suffering of this pandemic as a patient, family member and even a care giver would disagree.

And how about those who were on cruise liners that were stuck out at sea in their rooms for weeks? Or those living in our more highly populated cities, like New York City, who saw the pandemic clear their crowded sidewalks and streets?

It would take our federal, state and local governments working together to come up with a plan that they knew would have negative effects on our economy and everyone’s lives, but they believed would be a way to bring the Covid-19 virus under control.

And to help ensure it happened it would take the American people to support that plan no matter the ramifications it might have on their financial and even mental state.

Although the many sacrifices we’ve made to get this virus under control are not necessary to protect American workers from everyday hazards in the workplace, I do see where working together can make it a reality.

It will take owners, managers, supervisors, superintendents, foremen, and yes, every employee working together every workday from start to finish to help prevent exposure to workplace hazards.

So, do your part today and work together with others in your company to help make the workplace safer for you and those you work with so we to can continue to eliminate workplace accidents.

Working together we can make it happen.

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