They Seemed Clueless - 06/01/2020

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Monday, June 1, 2020


They Seemed Clueless

I’ve been reminded over the past couple of weeks just how complacent some companies have become about workplace safety.And I’ve seen in my own backyard.

Well, maybe not my backyard, but at least in my neighborhood.

It started a couple weeks ago when one of my neighbors was getting a new roof put on and happened again when another one had their roof replaced this past Friday.

Let me tell you about them.

First, I have to say that I was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which each company operated.

The crews consisted of about 8-10 men and both had some of the best equipment I’ve ever seen a residential roofer use.

Both were around 2,500 square feet 2 story homes with 5/12 pitch roofs.

Work started on both roofs around 7AM with one completed around 1 PM and the other around 4.The one that took longer required some replacement of deteriorated sheathing and fascia.

You could tell that each man knew exactly what they needed to do and there was little time spent discussing what or how anything had to be done.

As the crews worked through the day, sections of the roofs were being removed while other sections were being replaced.I also noticed that each crew made a serious effort to make sure that very little of the old roofing material hit the ground, making cleanup quick and easy.

There was no question in my mind that both these companies knew what they were doing when it came to roofing.

But what I failed to see was any real concern for safety.

One company looked like everyone on the job was in their 20’s or younger and the other company looked to be in their 40’s or younger.

The company with the men in their 40’s weren’t using any form of fall protection. I even saw one man hanging on the edge while replacing a piece of fascia.

Nail guns were being used without any eye protection and a couple of men cleaning up immediately under those working above had no hard hats on.

There were other issues, but I’m guessing that you get my point.

The other company with the men in their 20’s had similar safety issues but took it a step further.

I actually saw one man run and hop to a lower roof below him (about 5’), then grab hold of the ladder and down to the ground. It was impressive but a little scary at the same time.

I also saw what looked to be a boy in his early teens who appeared uncomfortable climbing a ladder or helping on the roof.In fact, this young man would climb the ladder one step at a time with the same leg first.

I do want to point out that both companies did practice safety in a couple of ways.They both worked to keep loose debris off the roofs, minimizing slips and fall hazards and their housekeeping was the best, minimizing tripping hazards.

But when it came to other potentially serious hazards – they seemed clueless.

If you find yourself working in ways that are not safe this week, please do your best to make your workplace safe for everyone.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy, Stay at Home When You Can, and/or Work Safe This Week

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