Sometimes It's Thought That You Should Let the Sleeping Dog Lie... - 07/20/2020

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Monday, July 20, 2020


Sometimes it's thought that you should let the sleeping dog lie...

So I got a call Monday from a company needing a safety program to meet the requirements of their Worker's Compensation insurance carrier. Not an unusual request in our business. As we discussed what was included in the program, the questions turned to the 5-10 minute safety meetings we have in our program. It was then that the real issue was shared.

This company had done their type of work for many years without any reportable issues to their Worker's Compensation. Employees had worked well for the company, but now some were beginning to leave to enjoy retirement. The company then hired 3 new employees to replace those who had left and within a year, each of these new hires had accidents that placed them out of work and the Worker's Compensation carrier made pay outs.

Their Worker's Compensation carrier cancelled them due to the high risk. The new carrier, which was going to be pricey, required an actively used safety program in which the employees would receive OSHA awareness safety training at least monthly. You see, two of the employees hurt themselves from slips and falls and the other was injured carrying an awkward form used in their work the wrong way. Thankfully, none of the accidents were life-threatening or debilitating and all three returned to work.

I shared with the company that safety meetings covering slips, trips and falls, as well as lifting, pushing, and pulling would be good for all of their employees, regardless of whether they purchased our service.

Sometimes it's thought that you should let the sleeping dog lie, but is that really the best practice? Just because there haven't been any workplace accidents in the past doesn't mean they won't happen in the future. So why not take the time to do the simple and quick training to protect your employees and your assets?

Sure, we'll never know if the slips and the incorrect handling of the form still would have happened had the employees received the training beforehand. But if training to be aware of a hazard is all you can do, it just may be enough. I guarantee the new insurance premium resulting from an accident is much more than the cost of a safety program and/or safety meetings.

If you know of someone or a company that might benefit from receiving Safety E-QuickTips, please take a moment to share this with them so they can sign-up today.

Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy and Work Safe This Week!

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