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Monday, January 25, 2016


Safety E-QuickTips is a weekly email designed to help Employers and Employees start their week with a short thought about safety in the workplace.

Well Those Cost Savings Along With...


Since the 1st of December (with a couple of detours along the way), we've been discussing some things you can do to help ensure you are able to get your employee safety and OSHA compliant program up and running in 2016.

We started with doing the research. We discussed how employee safety and OSHA compliance has effected your company to date and how it could affect its future. When done correctly, this will provide a sound basis for moving the implementation process forward and provide the support necessary to get upper management onboard and involved with the process.

Then we reviewed what you have to do to meet OSHA's requirements.

Next, we discussed 4 of the 6 questions I said you would need to ask yourself to help find the right solution for your company. That brings us to the final 2 questions that we'll discuss today.

If you believe you need outside support, how much will you need and what are your options?

How much outside support you need is based on a couple of things. How much time you have to put into employee safety and OSHA compliance and how knowledgeable you or your staff are on the subject.

TIME. That is something that most of us in business never seem to have enough of. With all of the demands of business today, it seems like you just start your day and it's over and you ask yourself. What did I actually get done today?

When it comes to developing, implementing and managing your company safety program, remember each step will take time and if you already see your day going by too quickly, that could play a big part in determining what aspects of the project you want to keep in-house.

KNOWLEDGE. When it comes to developing a safety program, meeting OSHA regulations, meeting client prequalification safety requirements and other aspects of employee safety, sometimes it's best to leave it to someone who does it for a living. Right? Well, at least let them handle all the upfront work that takes most of the time and knowledge before they pass it off to you.

Just like you and your business, someone that specializes in employee safety and OSHA compliance should be more knowledgeable and be able to help get your program up and running quicker, easier and better than you can in-house. So you may want to keep that in mind when determining how much outside support is right for your company. 

As I mentioned last week, when it comes to the options for outside help you have more today than ever. You can work with a safety consultant in your local area, or with the use of technology, work with a consultant on the other side of the country or use any of the other online services available today.

The key is to find the support that will match up to your specific needs. Will you need someone to:

  • develop your program for you or just someone that will help you through the process?
  • come to your workplace and review your needs or will you take advantage of technology and communicate your needs via the internet?
  • perform third party workplace safety inspections or do you feel you management can handle the job?
  • help you understand compliance issues and help with safety prequalification requirements and submittals or is your staff qualified to do it in-house?
  • handle talking and dealing with OSHA should you be inspected or even cited or can you handle it yourself with a little outside support?

Those are just a few questions you will need to ask before determining what option will best fit your company's' needs. Feel free to add any additional ones that will help you get the right outside support your company will need.

How will you determine if you are successful in implementing your solution? Implementing your safety program is more than just getting it up and running. It's about bringing real value to your company, like:

  • Reducing accidents in the workplace
  • Lowering Workers Compensation costs
  • Lowering insurance costs
  • Preventing OSHA citations during an OSHA visit
  • Getting new work because you are able to meet your clients prequalification requirements

You may recall in some of last year's Safety E-QuickTips, I talked about the directand indirect costs associated with accidents in the workplace and the fact that for every $1 spent on safety, your company will save from $3 to $6 .

Well those cost savings, along with protecting your employees from hazards in the workplace, go a long way in establishing value for your program and determining its success.

I hope this information was helpful and if you have any thoughts or questions regarding the process of designing, implementing and managing your employee safety and OSHA complaint safety program, give me a call or email me atkeith@uscompliancesystems.com.

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