You May Have Heard The Saying "Why Reinvent The Wheel"... - 01/18/2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016


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You May Have Heard The Saying "Why Reinvent The Wheel"...


Last week we talked about what your company needs to do to be in compliance with OSHA. I also asked you to take a little time to review a list of questions I provided that I believed would help you with the process of finding the right solution for your company that will allow you to develop, implement and manage a company safety program that will meet OSHA’s requirements, while preventing employee accidents.

Just as a quick refresher. Here are the 4 requirements your company must meet to be in compliance with OSHA’s regulations. You must:

1.Establish safety policies and procedures

2.Effectively communicate (provide training) your policies and procedures on safet

3.Perform regular and frequent worksite safety inspections

4.Enforce safety with your employees

And please don’t forget that you must meet ALL 4 of the requirements, not 3 out of 4 but ALL 4 to be in compliance with OSHA regulations. As OSHA would say “IT’S THE LAW”.

Now let’s move onto those questions I asked you to review last week and while we review them I’m going to provide some ideas for each that I believe will help you in the process of finding the right solution for your company.

Here they are…

When would you like to or need to have your solution in place?

The answer to this one should be simple. You need to implement your program sooner than later because by waiting you are taking the chance that one of your employees may be injured due to an accident that may have been prevented through the implementation of your safety program.

Also by doing it sooner than later, you’ll help ensure your company is prepared for an OSHA visit by being in compliance with their regulations, thus protecting your company from costly OSHA citations.

And last but not least, by implementing your program sooner than later, should your company have to complete any prequalification forms prior to working for a potential client that include safety program information, OSHA 300 Logs, EMR’s and OSHA citation history, your job will be easier and less time consuming.

What will need to be included in your solution to ensure it works for your company?

This one should be pretty simple. If you look at the 4 OSHA requirements, you’ll come up with almost everything you need.

You’ll need:

  • Policies and Procedures – A safety Program
  • A way to provide employee safety training as well as way to ensure employees are aware of your company policies and procedures when it comes to employee safety and OSHA compliance.
  • An Effective program for performing workplace safety inspections
  • A way to enforce safety with your employees
  • A process to evaluate your program on a regular basis to ensure it is effective in preventing employee accidents and OSHA citations.

Do you have enough of an understanding of OSHA regulations and the 4 requirements, to handle developing your solution in-house or will you need outside support?

The answer to this one should be simple. Either you have the knowledge to handle it in-house or you need additional outside expertise. I would keep in mind that if safety is not a full time job or at least 50% of your job, then it might be a good idea to look at some form of outside support.

Do you have enough time to devote to developing your solution in-house or will you need additional outside support to make it happen?

Of course, if you are handling safety as a full time job for your company and devoting the necessary time to implement and manage your program, it shouldn’t be a problem. But when it comes to developing the program that may not be the case.

You may have heard the saying, “Why reinvent the wheel?” When it comes to developing employee safety and an OSHA compliant safety program that is definitely the case. 

You have more options outside your company today than ever. You can work with a safety consultant in your local area, or with the use of technology, work with a consultant on the other side of the country or use any of the other online services available today.

I’m running a little long this week so I’ll wait till next week to go over the last 2 questions.

If you believe you need outside support, how much will you need and what are your options?


How will you determine if you are successful in implementing your solution?

Hope you’re finding this information helpful and if you have any thoughts or questions regarding the process of designing, implementing and managing you employee safety and OSHA complaint safety program give me a call or email me at

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