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Monday Jan 10, 2022


Think About It

The odds are that poor workplace safety decisions rarely end with a serious injury or death, right?

How many times have you used a ladder in an unsafe manner? Stood on “This is Not a Step” of a stepladder or hopped an extension ladder just a little to the left to reach a little farther without getting down to move the ladder?

Or worked in a trench more than 5’ deep without any trench protection?

Or decided not to wear a hardhat while working below others because it was just too uncomfortable?

Or how about bypassing that safety guard . . . And nothing happened.

But did you hear that there were 2 winners of the $632.6 million Powerball last Wednesday, the 7th largest in its history?

Did you know that the odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292.2 million and 2 people won.

Even with odds against them, the purchase of lottery tickets made them the big winners, $316.3 million to be exact.

And for others that one poor workplace safety decision ends in tragedy.

If you are going to play the odds, go with the lottery – not your safety.

Employee Management QuickTip

The new year is always a good time to reflect.If you find you have made poor decisions in the past regarding your safety at work, why not make 2022 your year to put the odds in your favor of going home at the end of each workday in the same condition you arrived?

Employer Management QuickTip

Over the years I’ve represented more employers than I care to think about whose stories were the same. “This is the first serious accident we’ve had since we started our business.” The odds eventually catch up with you.

Help your employees make good workplace safety decisions and get them home safe at the end of the day. 

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Stay Healthy and Work Safe.

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