Well I Should Have Known Better... - 01/04/2016

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Monday, January 4, 2016


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Well I Should Have Known Better...


Well I Should Have Known Better . . .

Happy New Year! Hope your year is going great so far.

Back on the 14th of December I said for the next few weeks I would point like to point out a few things you can do to get your safety program implemented and keep the process moving forward so you can do your best to protect your business and its most valuable assets, employees, company reputation and profits.

Well I should have known better than to start a series right in the middle of the holidays because as always I couldn’t resist reminiscing about some past holiday issues and then sharing one with you along with a follow-up the week after.

So this being a new year I thought it might be a good idea and a great time to complete what I had started back in the middle of December. But then I also realized it has been 2 weeks since my last Safety E-QuickTip on this subject along with a lot of celebrating with family and friends, so rather than moving on to the next point I was going to make this week I’m going to give a short recap of the December 14th Safety E-QuickTip.

So here goes.

As some of you may recall my first step was about doing the research and the fact that when done correctly this will provide a sound bases for moving the implementation process forward and it will provide the support necessary to get upper management onboard and involved with the process.

I also mentioned that I like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to safety because simple gets things done.

I broke down the first step into 6 simple tasks that shouldn’t take more than a couple hours at most to research and they were:

  • What your company currently does to protect employees form hazards in the workplace and to meet OSHA requirements
  • Your company’s accident history over the past few years,
  • The effect accidents have had on your Workers Compensation and Insurance rates
  • OSHA citations that have been issued to the company
  • How not implementing a company safety program might affect future work opportunities
  • The effects of not implementing a company safety program could have on your company’s future profitability

If you would like to read more about the first step check out the December 14th Safety E-QuickTip for more details. 

Next week we’re going to talk about finding the right solution for your company when it comes to implementing your company safety program.

Have you just received your first Safety E-QuickTip or just want to take a look at past issues? Check out our Safety E-QuickTips Archive Page on our website.

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