It Wasn't Me - 10/18/2010

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Monday, October 18, 2010
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It Wasn't Me
Have you ever noticed that when we hear about someone in our industry that has been seriously
injured or has died while performing their work in an unsafe manner, we always seem to find a
way to distance ourselves from the accident?
Why is that? Why don't we take it more seriously, even when we know that we could be
seriously injured or even killed?
My wife and I were at a home improvement store the other day and ran into a friend that may
have said it best - "it wasn't me." Let me explain.
Before we said much more than hello he blurted out that he had not had a cigarette in 90 days.
He went on to say that this was a major accomplishment for him since he had smoked his entire
adult life. He's in his 60s.
After we had congratulated him, he told us that he had lost his father and brother to lung cancer
years ago, but that wasn't enough incentive to get him to stop smoking. It wasn't until recently
when he began to have trouble breathing that he decided it was time. He found out he had
COPD - a lung disease.
Then he said it, "I didn't try to stop smoking when my father and brother died of lung cancer
because it wasn't me."
How many of us have gone to work aware that others had performed a task in a way that left
them seriously injured or even killed, only to realize we are about to perform the same task in
the same unsafe manner. All because we tell ourselves "it wasn't me".
So the next time you decide to work in an unsafe way - like working without the required proper
fall protection; going into a 7' deep trench for only a minute without proper trench protection;
deciding that the guard on a piece of equipment is not really necessary - remember that others
have done this before you and many have not been as lucky to say "it wasn't me."
Thanks for reading and please - Be Safe This Week!
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