Industry/Manufacturing Managed Safety System



Your System is custom designed for your specific operations.

The System has three major components: Service, Support and Written Materials.

All Supervisory personnel can be actively involved with minimal time away from other responsibilities.

The System can be managed with or without a fulltime safety director.

The System will keep your projects on track.


Your System will reduce exposure to costly OSHA citations.

The System will substantially reduce or eliminate any OSHA penalty.

The System can reduce your workers compensation rate.

The System will reduce the hidden costs associated with accidents and injuries.

The System saves money year after year.

OSHA Compliance

Your System will incorporate and document the 4 key steps to compliance.

The 4 Steps:

1) Establish company safety policies and procedures.

2) Ensures effective communication to employees.

3) Provides for regular and frequent workplace inspections.

4) Provides for enforcement of safety policies and procedures.

Employee Safety

Your System will provide employees maximum protection.

You can train and provide your employees the necessary equipment to do the job safely but you can't supervise your employees all the time.

The System allows you to educate employees in the value of working safely and hold them accountable through documented enforcement. This is a key to continued workplace safety.

Protection when you need it

Looking for lower insurance rates
We will work with you or your insurance carrier to comply with their requirements providing you maximum discounts.

Meet pre-bid and project qualifications
Your System is guaranteed to meet even the toughest safety program requirements.

When training is needed
Documented training can be provided in-house without the need for outside training services.

During and after an OSHA inspection
You can easily provide documentation to show established policies & procedures, training, inspections and enforcement. We will handle all your communications and negotiations with OSHA.

Where you need it

OSHA compliance at the job site
Project Manuals, safety meetings, forms and handbooks for office or shop.

In the hands of supervisors
An OSHA Inspection Checklist for Supervisors allows for documentation of an inspection to enhance your defense of alleged violations. Our toll-free number is always available.

Training where you need it
Provide employees training at your office complete with documentation:
- - 5-10 minute safety meetings
- - Employee handbooks

If Your Company...

*is trying to protect your employees from hazards in the workplace

*would like to handle employee safety quickly and effectively

*wants to protect its reputation

*wants to prevent OSHA citations

*has been cited repeatedly by OSHA and you would like to see it stop

*is trying to protect its profits and future

*would like to minimize the costs associated with employee accidents and OSHA citations

... To learn more about how the Managed Safety System can help you,
Call and Talk to one of our Safety Professionals Today.

Available in the following states:

  • AL-Alabama
  • AR-Arkansas
  • CO-Colorada
  • CT-Connecticut
  • DE-Delaware
  • FL-Florida
  • GA-Georgia
  • ID-Idaho
  • IL-Illinois
  • KS-Kansas
  • LA-Louisiana
  • ME-Maine
  • MA-Massachusetts
  • MI-Mississippi
  • MO-Missouri
  • MT-Montana
  • NE-Nebraska
  • NH-New Hampshire
  • NJ-New Jersey
  • NY-New York
  • ND-North Dakota
  • OH-Ohio
  • OK-Oklahoma
  • PA-Pennsylvania
  • RI-Rhode Island
  • SD-South Dakota
  • TX-Texas
  • WV-West Virginia
  • WI-Wisconsin
  • US Virgin Islands