How Inconvenient - 11/08/2010

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Monday, November 8, 2010
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How Inconvenient
Have you ever gone to a home improvement store and when you got to the aisle you
were looking for, you found it blocked off with a gate on both ends? Looking down
the aisle you see no obvious reason for the gates, but when you look to the next
aisle you see someone operating a fork lift pulling something from the upper shelf.
Then you wait for what seems to be forever for them to open the gate. How
Let's face it - we are busy people, always trying to get more done in less time
whether we're at work or at home. Sometimes our safety gets in the way of what
we believe needs to get done.
Safety meetings can take 5 to 15 minutes out of the workday. Getting the correct
size ladder may mean walking an extra 100-200 feet. Even waiting for a fork lift in
the next aisle to finish the job before we can gain access to our much
needed item takes valuable time out of our day.
So why should we tolerate or make time for these inconveniences? Because they
could prevent serious injury or even save our lives.
Those 5 to 15 minute safety meetings remind us of hazards in our workplace.
Having the correct ladder to do the job could make the difference between us
completing our job safely or getting hurt in the process. And yes, even waiting for
the forklift operator to complete their job before entering the aisle could be the
difference between getting that precious item we need or having an item from an
upper shelf fall down on us.
Remember - no matter How Inconvenient - we can never let our fast-paced
lives or jobs get in the way of safety. Otherwise we and/or our families may live to
regret it.
Thanks for reading and please - Be Safe This Week!
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