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Monday, February 29, 2016


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Short Cutting Safety...


Here are a couple of stories I’d like to share; both are true stories. I’m going to shorten them a bit for the sake of time, but I’m hoping you’ll get the message.

The first story goes like this.

Foreman - “We’re going to do it this way because it’s faster and I want to get out of here as soon as possible. It’s a long drive home and I don’t want to miss any of this long holiday weekend coming up.”

1st Employee – “I’ve never done it this way and it doesn’t look safe.”

Foreman – “I’m in charge here, just do it.”

1st Employee – “Are you sure? This doesn’t look right.”

Foreman – “Just get up there and do it.”

2nd Employee –“This doesn’t look right to me either.”

Foreman – “I don’t care what you think. I want to get out of here, so both of you get up there and just do it.”

Employees – “OK.”

The foreman never made it home for the long holiday weekend.

Here’s the second.

Foreman to an employee who was also a crane operator – “Get in the crane and move the pipe over for me.”

Employee – “Let me do my inspection first.”

Foreman - “Just do it. I’ve already inspected the crane.”

Employee – “I don’t feel comfortable doing it without doing an inspection first.”

Foreman – “I told you I did the inspection and since I’m in charge, just do what I say.”

Employee – “OK.”

The foreman didn’t live to see the end of the day.

In both these stories the employees understood that what they were doing was not necessarily safe, but because they weren’t in charge, they followed the orders the foremen gave them.

So what is the moral of these two stories?

It could be don’t short cut safety because if you do it might be the last thing you ever do.

Or it could be that even if you are in charge, when someone tells you they don’t think what you are doing is safe, you might want to listen because it might be the best thing you could for yourself that day.

In the end, not only did the foremen lose their lives, each of the employees had to live with the fact that they went along with what the foreman told them to do.

So remember - safety is everyone’s job. If you see someone working in an unsafe way, let them know. If someone takes the time to let you know they believe how you are working is unsafe, please listen. The life you save may be your own.

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