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Monday, October 31, 2011
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Employees - Reputation - Profits
Last week you may recall I told a story about a client who had called because they were
completing a credit application. As part of the application they had to provide information
about any OSHA citations they had received in the past three years. You may even recall
that this even caught me a little off guard.
I have to say this was a first for me. With more than 18 years in safety I've never had
anyone mention a credit application and an OSHA citation in the same breath. Now that
I've had another week to think about it, there might be a good reason that someone
providing credit would be concerned about your company's history with OSHA.
And what is that reason? It's simple -- the applicant's ability to repay the extended credit.
Two issues come to mind when I think about how OSHA citations could affect a company's
ability to repay their debt. The first being OSHA's increased penalty structure that went into
place October of 2010. This one seems pretty clear -- higher penalties equal less profit to
repay a debt.
The second is that anyone can view a company's OSHA citation and penalty history just
by going to OSHA's website and clicking on Inspection Data. So how does this affect a
company's ability to repay their debt? It's all about reputation. A company's reputation
directly affects their ability to get business and less business means less profits.
Providing past OSHA violations as part of a credit application is just another reason that
businesses today need to work harder than ever to protect their most valuable assets . . .
Employees - Reputation - Profits.
As part of our new commitment to provide our clients the service and support they need to
ensure they can protect their most valuable assets . . . Employees - Reputation - Profits,
we are in the process of revamping our website and services. These changes will be in
place by January 1, 2012 but we will be providing you with information and maybe even a
sneak peak along the way at our progress.
I hope you'll continue reading to see how your company can benefit.

Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!
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