We Should Never Let a Bad Day Get Us So Frustrated - 12/23/2013

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Monday, December 23, 2013


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We Should Never Let a Bad Day Get Us So Frustrated . . .


Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do the day goes from bad to worse? Well I had one of those today.

The day started as most Sundays do, I got up and got ready to go to church but, for some reason, I decided to go down to my basement before we left and low and behold I found water on a section of the floor. That is never good.

I immediately checked to see if my sump pump was working since we had about 2" of rain the past couple of days along with melting snow and I found that it wasn't. In a few minutes I had the pump pulled out and managed to get it running so I decided to put it back in place but forgot I had plugged it in so you can imagine what happened when I put the pump down in the water with a 4 foot pipe facing directly at my face.

Finally after drying off and connecting the pump up I was good to go and the pump was working like a champ so I thought I would take a short break before I started the cleanup. Not a good idea.

When I came back down to the basement I found more water than before. Realizing what the problem might be I shut the pump down and went outside to find the pipe that comes out of the house had come apart and the water was running behind a retaining wall and right back into the basement under the rear entrance. At least I was smart enough to not go out the back door because it was holding back more water than was in the house.

Well I got that fixed and the sump running again when all of a sudden the pump stopped working. It was then I realized I might want to get a new pump.

So before going out after my new sump pump, I decided I might want to get some of our clothes that were setting in the water into the washer since those weren't going to dry out on their own. Seeing that there were only a few, I decided to go upstairs and throw a few more down our laundry chute and guess what, the chute was plugged nothing would go down.

After working at it for about an hour from both top and bottom and as the frustration set in I decided enough is enough and went to Lowes to purchase my new sump pump.

It was while I was on my way to the store that a Christmas song came on and I relaxed a bit and today's Safety E-QuickTip came to me.

We should never let a bad day get us so frustrated that we stop thinking and jeopardize our safety or that of our coworkers.

That's right, when we see things getting so bad that we even see red it's time to take a step back and take a few deep breaths, a few minutes of just quiet time or even listen to a Christmas song.

Whatever it takes, just do it because if it's one of those days, things may just get worse. Did I mention that all of this started around 7:45 am and it was about 10am when I headed off to Lowes and the day did not get a whole lot better.

When I got back I still had to clean up the mud and debris left behind from the water and then I found that my sump pump back by my pool was not pumping the water out from under my pool and so it continued.

But I kept trying to think back to the Christmas song I had heard and, as you can see, I got through the day.

And, by the way, my laundry chute is still plugged. I'll get back to that tomorrow.

Here's wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy and Frustration Free New Year.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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