Check with a Company Familiar with Safety Requirements - 12/16/2013

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Monday, December 16, 2013


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Check with a Company Familiar with Safety Requirements


Over the years I have received calls from both clients and potential clients telling me that they have been contacted by another safety company and were being told that if they did not buy a certain safety product or service, they would be cited by some regulatory or inspection agency.

This week I received another one of these calls and it went like this. The gentleman had just recently opened a new restaurant and he had received a call from a woman that he believed worked for our company. After I explained that no one by that name worked for us and that we do not make any cold calls, he proceeded to tell me what she said.

To make a long story short, she basically told him that his restaurant was going to be inspected by an agency very soon and that he needed to purchase some specific safety posters or he would be cited by the inspector. When he said he would think about it, she told him he needed to do it right away or he could have problems so she left her name and number.

When I asked if it was our number she had given him, he said he had lost the paper with her number but remembered her name and thought she had mentioned a company name similar to US Compliance. So here is what I told him.

Although our area of safety expertise does not lie in the restaurant industry, I find it hard to believe that any inspection agency would eliminate the element of surprise by providing a list of who they were going to inspect. This would provide a company the opportunity to prepare, so I kind of doubt that this person knew that his company was going to be inspected.

That being said, I told him that before he decided to purchase any safety materials he should check with a company familiar with safety requirements in this industry. Other useful resources include local city and government agencies, fire departments and insurance companies. Any of them could help him to better understand what he needs to do to ensure compliance. I find that most of these agencies are more than happy to provide information so that the company knows what is expected of them. At that point they can contact a company who can assist them with compliance.

I also told him that if he chose to contact a local government agency, he shouldn't be too concerned about one of them coming out to inspect his company because he contacted them. These agencies are not looking to inspect companies that are trying to comply; they are after the ones that are not.

Although I believe the safety consulting and service industry is made up of legitimate companies that operate above board, ours is no different than any other in that there is always someone that figures out a way to take advantage of a situation. And in the safety industry it would be easy to use the threat of an OSHA or another agency inspection to drive someone to buy something their company really doesn't need.

So if you ever run into a similar situation and find yourself questioning whether what you are being told regarding employee safety or OSHA compliance is true, before you make any decision be sure to contact someone you believe will provide you with the correct answer. If you're still not sure ask them for supporting documentation so you can read it for yourself.

From everyone at U.S. Compliance Systems, have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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