If We All Do Our Part - 12/07/2020

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Monday December 7, 2020


If We All Do Our Part

In March, we prepared several weekly tips about COVID-19.Here’s one from March 30 that bears repeating . . .

As the COVID-19 virus continues to control how we live our lives today, it’s time to remember that we can help determine just how long it will last.

That’s right. This virus is no different than any other hazard we face at work or in our daily lives; it can be controlled if we work together and follow the experts’ recommendations.

Right now, we are continuing to see the number of confirmed cases going up every day. But if we continue to do our part, sooner rather than later we will see those numbers plateau and even go down.

Protecting ourselves from this virus has been difficult on everyone. It has meant putting our lives and businesses on hold and limiting or even eliminating time with friends and family.

When we do come in contact with others, we must remember to stay 6’ apart. When we part, we need to do it without the usual handshake or hug – something that is second nature to many of us.

But if we all do our part, this too shall pass.

We know more today than we did back in March and many updated resources are available for your use.You can refer to OSHA, the CDC, and your state and local health departments for guidance you can apply at your workplace.

In addition, we are offering our Pandemic Preparedness with COVID-19 Online Training Course for FREE through December 20, 2020.If you’d like to enroll your employees in this course, login to your Client Center or sign up to try the Online Training System if you aren’t already a client. You can enroll employees to retake the course at no cost if they have already taken it.

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Thanks for Reading and Please – Stay Healthy and Work Safe Throughout this Holiday Season!

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