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Monday, December 2, 2019


You Have a Decision to Make

It’s Thanksgiving Day, the one day of the year that almost all work shuts down for at least part of the day, including Walmart.

So, you do what you’ve done for more than 30 years. You go out for a walk with some of your family members.

It’s a nice day in the high 30’s, no real wind and a little overcast. A great day for a walk in one of the local parks.

The walk starts like every other year - some show up early, some on time and then you wait for the late comers.As you’re standing around waiting for the last to arrive, you hear from other family members that this trail was closed part way earlier this summer from a land slide. When everyone finally shows up, you head out onto the trail.

The walk starts out like usual - everyone talking, some moving up ahead and others straggling behind.You move though the trail until you reach the area that has been closed.

You have a decision to make.

Do you turn around and go back the way you came, or do you take a shortcut down an incline to the trail below? The shortcut looks to have been used by others before you.

What do you do?

The decision is made; you take the shortcut.

As everyone heads down, you begin to think to yourself that this shortcut is a little steeper than you thought and those fallen leaves are coving up a lot of hidden hazards.

And then it happens. Your feet go out from under you and you are down, flat on your back trying to take your next breath and it isn’t happening.

At work and even at home, accidents can sneak up on you based on the decisions you make. Some of those questionable decisions you make end with no one getting hurt while others do not fare as well.

If you find yourself questioning if the way you are doing something is the safest way possible, at work or at home, it’s probably best for you to stop and look for safer options.

By the way, that was me looking up at the sky trying to catch my breath while on our annual Thanksgiving Day walk this year. I can tell you that I’m still feeling it today while writing this QuickTip.

Hindsight tells me we should have opted to go back the way we came, and I wouldn’t be feeling it today. I hope to use this experience to prevent future accidents and I hope you will, too.

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