Just 5-10 Minutes A Week Is All It Takes... - 12/01/2014

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Monday, Dec 01, 2014


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Just 5-10 Minutes A Week Is All It Takes...


Just 5-10 minutes a week is all it takes to help ensure your employees are aware of the hazards they may be exposed to and how they can protect themselves from those hazards.

Hard to believe? Well it's true.

A 5-10 minute safety meeting every week about a specific hazard your employees may be exposed to goes a long way in providing your employees continued awareness of hazards in the workplace and it doesn't have to cost you or your employees an arm and a leg.

Often I hear employers say they don't have the time to put on a weekly safety meeting and when I ask how much time they believe it would take to put on a meeting, they usually come back with around 30 minutes.

Then when I ask them why their meetings take so long, they often say they discuss multiple safety topics or that they thought the meeting had to take a certain amount of time to be a real safety meeting.

The key to a good safety meeting is:

  • • Keeping it to one safety topic
  • • Making sure it is about a hazard that is relevant to the work being performed
  • • Keeping the meeting between 5-10 minutes

By keeping the meeting specific to one topic, you're able to focus your efforts and keep your employees involved in the meeting. Multiple topic safety meetings have a tendency to lose their focus, making them less effective in protecting your employees.

By making sure the safety topic is relevant to the work your employees are performing provides them awareness of the hazards they may be exposed to during the workday, thus helping to prevent accidents created from those hazards.

By keeping the meeting between 5-10 minutes, your meeting will never become cost prohibitive for your company and it will help prevent your meetings from becoming another coffee break where the focus is more on the break than the safety topic.

It's simple, an effective safety meeting is not about how long your meeting is or how many topics you discuss during each meeting. It's about making sure your employees are aware of the hazards and understand how they can protect themselves from those hazards.

So, if you're not already putting on weekly a 5-10 minute safety meeting, why not try it? It could actually save your company and employees an arm or a leg.

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Thanks for Reading and Please - Work Safe This Week!

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