It's Quick, Easy & It's Guaranteed

Construct Secure Safety Program

Does the Construct Secure Safety Program Prequalification Process have You Frustrated and Wondering what to do next?  We can help!

For Years companies have used our Construct Secure Safety Program to get approved. Why reinvent the wheel - The process is simple - Let us put a program together for You.

Put the Construct Secure Safety Program to work for You, Risk Free - With our 60 Day Unconditional No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

It's Quick, Easy & It's Guaranteed

Whatever You Need - We've Got You Covered

  • Don't Know Where to Start - Don't Worry.

    We've been helping clients with their Construct Secure Safety Programs for years - so we know how to get you approved.

    You'll have everything you need - just like Construct Secure wants it.

  • 3 Easy Steps to Getting Your Safety Program Construct Secure Approved.

    Step 1: Complete our Construct Secure Safety Program request form.

    Step 2: We prepare a customized program specifically for your company and send it to you via email.

    Step 3: Once You receive Your Customized Construct Secure Safety Program - Just submit the program for approval.

    It's that Easy.

  • Concerned Your Safety Program will look like other companies using our service?

    Don't worry.  Your Safety Program is customized with Your Company Name, other relevant company information and will address hazards in your industry, so there will be no mistake that this is Your Company Safety Program.

  • Designed to Meet Construct Secure Safety Program Requirements- Supported by a Team of Safety Professionals.

    Your Construct Secure Safety Program is designed, and kept up to date by our team so You can concentrate on what You do best.

    Includes 1 Year of Email Support, Phone Support and Unlimited Program Updates.

    Have Questions?  Give Us a Call - 1-888-475-5353, Talk to Us on Live Chat or Email Us at

It's So Easy

Purchase a Safety Program

Purchase a Safety Program

Answer a Few Simple Questions in the Client Center

Answer a Few Simple Questions in the Client Center

Get Notified When Documents are Ready

Get Notified When Documents are Ready

Questions? Find Your Answers Below

Construct Secure FAQ

  • How does the Construct Secure service work?

    It's very simple! Immediately after purchase, you can login to your Client Center and complete a brief request form for a custom Construct Secure Safety Program. Once your request is submitted, our safety program writers will prepare a Construct Secure Safety Program for you within a few business days. You'll receive the program in PDF format via email and it will be ready to submit to Construct Secure without any further work on your part.

  • Do you guarantee my program will pass Construct Secure requirements?

    Yes! If Construct Secure notifies you that your program did not pass review, simply submit another request to us for correction. You will be able to attach documentation to show where deficiencies were found so our writers know where to focus their efforts. There is NO additional charge for corrections!