What Are Friends For - 08/29/2016

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Monday, August 29, 2016


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What Are Friends For


Today is one of the best days ever. You wake up and the sun is shining. It’s Friday so the weekend is almost here and it’s a long holiday weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that.

As you head to work you think maybe I’ll get donuts for everyone for the morning break. You stop only to find that it’s buy one get one free at the donut shop. This day just keeps getting better.

When you arrive at work you see that everyone is in a great mood, laughing and joking around so you have to ask, “What’s going on?” and someone turns to you and says, “The boss just told everyone that we’re all getting off early today at noon and he is paying us for the whole day.”

Can this day get any better?

As work begins everything just seems to be coming together for this weekend and before you know it, it’s break time. Time to pull out the donuts and coffee and listen to what everyone is going to do this extra-long holiday weekend. Three and a half days off - this doesn’t happen very often and someone just said it’s supposed to be sunny and warm the whole weekend.

As you head back to work you think, “just a couple more hours and it’s here,” the weekend you’ve been waiting for. The time is flying by and now there’s only a half hour left in the workday and you’re almost home free.

Everyone is wrapping up what they are doing with only 10 minutes left in the day when your boss walks up to you and says he just realized that they had forgotten to seal this last little section on the roof, so he needs you to grab a ladder and take care of it.

Unbelievable! Just a few more minutes and you would have been gone, on your way to a great 3 and a half day weekend, but now you have to go take care of something that already should have been done.

A little frustrated, you grab your ladder and begin setting it up when your best friend John hands you your harness. You say, “This is only going to a take a few minutes, I won’t need that.” But John insists and grudgingly you agree to put in on. What a waste of time.

You climb the ladder, think for a moment, “I’m not even going to hook up to the line,” but then you think again and do it anyway. As you walk up the roof someone calls up to you with a little laugh, “We’ll be waiting for you at Joe’s and we’ll keep your drink cold.”

You turn to answer and before you can say a word you feel your feet go out from under you and down you go. As you are falling, in a split second your life flashes before your eyes and then you feel this big tug from behind and there you are hanging, looking at your friends 16’ below you with their eyes and mouths wide open.

You catch your breath and before you know it they have you down on the ground with everyone around you telling you just how lucky you were. That’s when you realize that no doubt this may be one of the best days ever.

You turn to your friend John who is still staring in disbelief and thank him for insisting you put your harness on before you went up on the roof and he says, “What are friends for.”

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