So What Do the 2016 Olympics Have to Do With Workplace Safety? - 08/22/2016

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Monday, August 22, 2016


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So What Do the 2016 Olympics Have to Do With Workplace Safety?


Well, the Summer Olympics have come to an end for another 4 years and for a select few athletes, the outcome of the games were Gold. But for most of the 11,544 that competed in these games, the outcome was less - at least when you’re talking about taking home a medal.

Some athletes came knowing that the only thing they would leave with at the end of the games would be the great experience, while others came looking for that one of a kind gold medal.

But I would think that it is safe to say that they all came with hopes and dreams that they have worked hard to make a reality over the past 4 years. I would also think it is safe to say that many of those who failed to achieve their goals in 2016 will be putting in another 4 years of hard work to try it again in 2020.

So what do the 2016 Olympics have to do with workplace safety?

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been talking about 4 steps that companies can use to implement their safety program. There is no question that these steps will take time. Maybe not 4 years, but they will take time and a lot of effort to put them in place.

A few companies will move right through the steps, putting them together seamlessly while most will struggle and fumble along the way. But the fact is that if you put forth the effort and work through those difficult times, your company can also achieve gold when it comes to workplace safety.

And gold is simple when it comes to workplace safety; it is protecting your company’s most valuable assets—Employees, Company Reputation and Profits.

So to make workplace safety work for your company, the efforts that are needed are much like those of the athletes training for the Olympics. Although many of these athletes stand on the podium alone with their gold medal, when you look behind the scenes you will find that these athletes are supported by a group of individuals.

I’m talking about the coaches, trainers, teammates, families, financial supporters and the list can go on and on.

When it comes to workplace safety, just like those Olympic athletes, no one person can make it happen on their own. It takes everyone from top management to the employee who was just hired. The buy-in and effort has to be made by everyone because if just one decides not to be a part of it, than everyone is not protected.

The great thing about workplace safety versus the Olympics is that if you first don’t succeed in implementing everything the first time around, you can take a step back, see where the problem is and immediately try again without waiting another 4 years.

So if your company’s workplace safety program is like one of those athletes that didn’t walk away with the gold in 2016, why not take a look at the 4 steps I’ve discussed in the past 4 Safety E-QuickTips and get your company on track. Start protecting your company’s most valuable assets—Employees, Company Reputation and Profits.

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