Needless Accidents Are Just That - Needless - 08/10/2020

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Monday, Aug 10, 2020


Needless Accidents Are Just That - Needless

Here’s a Safety E-QuickTip from the past that I believe still takes place at many workplaces today.Because of it, we continue to see accidents that never should have happened.

This was the story as it was told to me back in early 2011.

While walking a project a safety director came across a safety hazard. When he asked one of the employees to correct the hazard, the employee's words were, "It's not my job." The employee proceeded to rant about how he had been exposed to other hazards during the day and no one had done anything about them.

When the safety director asked if he had brought this to anyone's attention, the employee said he had not. By the end of the conversation it was clear to the safety director that this employee had no intention of correcting this or any other hazards that he or others may be exposed to.

If you are an employee on any jobsite, it's important for you to understand that safety is part of your job.

When you are assigned to perform a task, the assumption is that the task will be accomplished in a professional manner. There is no expectation that somebody else will have to finish your job because you are off seeking medical attention for an injury received because of sloppy safety practices.
While you are being paid to "ply your trade," you are also being paid to ply your trade safely. In addition to being company policy, it's the law!

Normally, when you get caught breaking the law, you go through some sort of court process and are fined or, if serious, incarcerated. Seldom is a law breaker caught the first time out.

It is the same with safety. You skimp on this safety rule, or you avoid that safety procedure, or you fail to use a certain required item of PPE and nothing happens -- at first. But as you develop these unsafe habits and flaunt your invulnerability, slowly but surely, the odds of getting injured start turning against you. You'll get caught -- you'll get injured.

The point is needless accidents are just that - needless. There is no justification for not following basic safety rules. If you don't know what they are -- ask. When it comes to safety, there are no foolish questions. Remember safety is part of your job and you always need to understand what type of safety precautions are appropriate for your job and follow them religiously.

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