And People Think This Is A Game - 04/27/2020

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Monday, April 27, 2020


And People Think This Is A Game

As we all prepare to restart our economy, or as some might say, go back to work, it’s a good time to think about how companies will ensure everyone is provided a safe workplace.

Social distancing, as it is called, will be much tougher to maintain since many workplaces were never designed with the idea of providing 6 feet of space between every worker, customer or client.

We already see it today when we walk into many of our restaurants to pick up dinner.As we walk up to the door there’s a sign that says only X number of customers allowed in at one time.As we enter, we see signs posted asking us to stay at least 6 feet apart with marks on the floors providing us a reference for proper spacing.

But when you look back into the kitchen, we see that these kitchens were never designed with social distancing in mind and workers struggle to keep their distance in small spaces meant for efficiency – not distancing.

As we go back to work, we will find that most businesses will also struggle to meet the distancing requirements because, again, their facilities were not designed to operate in a way different than before this all started.

So, what will they do?

If they do it right, management will adapt and come up with new, innovative ways to meet the distancing requirements.It may not be easy, but for everyone’s wellbeing it’s what must be done.

I hope management and employees will work together to help make this transition back to work a safe one for all.If we don’t get it right, many more families will suffer as they watch their loved ones struggle and even die from this virus.

Here’s a direct quote that was posted by a friend of my son; they grew up together and remain friends to this day.I believe this may help everyone better understand why it is so important that we get this right.

He is a healthcare provider battling this virus on the front line in an emergency room.

“In a hospital there is a man on a ventilator due to Covid-19 all by himself. His wife worried sick. His mother and father sitting by the phone waiting for updates. Family worried and praying for a quick recovery. All this and people think this is a game. Wait until it's a family member. You definitely won't think so.”

As we transition back to work, please remember that protecting one another from the COVID-19 virus is something that we all need to take seriously.Please do!

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